The Web Farmer

I have been involved in digital marketing since I was asked to put a site together back in 1998. I learned HTML/CSS/Photoshop and fell in love with publishing new pages and content.

Fast forward 23 years… I have worked for DoubleClick, Level3 Communications (now CenturyLink), ENLASO and Xilinx, Inc. learning and growing in the field and experiencing a vast assortment of marketing channels, analytics tools, newsletter platforms, content management systems and the proliferation of mobile-first, responsive, web design.

The Web Farmer Family

Today, at The Web Farmer, I enjoy the satisfaction of helping small businesses get their vision online and working with established businesses to utilize metrics and/or optimize their sites.

“The Web Farmer” comes from my Iowa roots where I detasseled corn and learned the value of hard work and honesty. I moved to Colorado 29 years ago and settled in Erie in 1999 where I currently live and base my adventures from.

If you are looking for a local partner to work with you on your digital presence, please contact me.